Limited Edition Fine Art Canvas and Prints, Regular Photography, Digitally manipulated compositions, Fractals, Nature, Cities and their Streets

Edgard Zamalloa BIO:

Edgard Zamalloa made a successful transition to art after a long career in computer services to large corporations in South America and North America, including the Interamerican Development Bank in Washington D.C. As a programmer and system analyst, he had an eye for graphic presentations and specific skills that were easily adapted to fine art digital imaging and photography.

Edgard’s work is unique in range and subjects. His imagery goes from abstract to figurative, from dynamic to tranquil, representational or not.

His subject matter attempts to create through full colors and shapes, an abstraction whether it is surreal or nature in origin, that appeals to our individual experience. His creativity begins with the process of interpretation and transcends by isolating a subject into a symbol of an element or idea, or vice versa, a symbol into a known subject, that is different than what it appears at first glance.


Art League of Alexandria, VA.
Interamerican Development Bank, Washington D.C.
Art Gallery, Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, VA.
Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA.
American Crafters Showcase and Gallery, Baltimore, MD.
The Joy Gallery, Middleburg,VA.


Brasilia, Brasil, Awards by Jury and popilar vote.
Secretary of Turism, Brasil. Seleccion for official Postcards.
Cover, Telephone Directory , City da Guia Grande Brasilia.

Bachelor of Arts, Photography, Magna Cum Laude, Northern Virginia Community College, VA.