EZ Fine Art


Composition of 6 different images of a Eastern Tiger Butterfly, made during a summerin a garden in my home it is in its habitat in a butterfly bush. It is a beautiful nature composition.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtailblack and yellow in its own habitat, a beautiful composition in my garden

Composition at Boca Raton , FL . Butterflies Garden, a black and red butterfly resting in a white petal, green background, natural habitat

Background from a real sunset with a digital camera, superimposed swans and lotus images for a surrealistic composition, making a beautiful mixture of black, red, white colors, included  fountain , lake reflections.

Composition made pasting some geometric generated 3D figures look like monks, in a digital picture taken in gardens of Tryon Palace, New Bern NC., beautiful  red and yellow colors in contrast with green natural world in a walkway in the garden.

Surrealist image. Back ground from a 3D software, bluish color, nice reflections in the water. Juxtaposition of images of real egrets  and imaginary birds, creating a beautiful composition. It is part of a tryptic. 

I like to create surreal images mixing shapes and colors using 2 or 3 different softwareMy backgrounds are

normally 3D scenes with some water,  I love reflections. the white egret make a beautiful contrast with the

red surroundings  and the Moon is in a balanced .  '3D SURREAL Gallery' .