Limited Edition Fine Art Canvas and Prints, Regular Photography, Digitally manipulated compositions, Fractals, Nature, Cities and their Streets

GALLERY A (Mostly Nonrepresentational)

VIRTUAL 3D: Digital Art 3D images. Avant Garde. (Artistic trend). 3D effects are a simulation.

ETHEREAL:  Fine nature views. Regular photography.

CONTRASTING: Sights from nature with a sense of strong emotions. Well defined colors. Low key lighting.

SENSUAL: Illusory glamour. Desire. Crystals Close ups.

SPECTACULAR: Exiting images. Vibrant colors. Well defined subjects. Array of colorful backgrounds. 

FRACTALS: Mathematical equations whose graphic representations are sets made with iterations of similar subsets. Fractal shapes are all around us in the natural world. When color is added, is Fractal Art. Digital Art. Some were created using Fractal Science Kit software.

2D to 3D: Experimental. Digitally manipulated 2D subjects to produce a 3D illusion.Digital Art

SURREALISM: A trend in Art in which the interaction of subject/background create an out of context image. Dreamlike. Irrational. Magic. Decorative. Digitally manipulated.

GALLERY B (Representational)

WASHINGTON, DC: Monuments. Jefferson Memorial. Capitol. Lincoln Memorial. Photomontages.

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Historic American colonies architecture. Waterfront. Streets. Juxtaposition of images.

LIMA, PERU: Historic Spanish settlements architecture. Balconies. Arcs. Portals. Photomontages.

BRASILIA: Modern designed city. Original architecture. Cathedral. Don Bosco. Pantheon. Executive, Legislative buildings.

BIRDS: Crowned Pigeon. Owl. Mandarin Duck. Flamingo. Pheasant, Mallard.

DESERT DAWN-6: Same tropical flower with different digital  generated colors.

ORCHIDS: Colorful orchids.


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